MMC Kulde AS is the continuation of Kvaerner Kulde and has over 80 years of experience in the refrigeration business. Over the years we have delivered a wide range of freezing-, cooling and RSW plants.

Our most valued asset is our customers, your feedback of system operation helps us in constantly making our systems better.

In the later years, our focus has been in designing and delivering energy efficient systems, with minimum refrigerant charge and lowest possible power consumption. Nevertheless, we have kept production and quality higher than on any other conventional system.

Our service department is ever expanding, and we put our pride in providing both new and existing customers with the best possible service, support and products.

Our range of products is constantly under development to ensure that we can offer reliable and cost effective equipment.

In house, we design, produce and provide service on:

  • Marine Optiflux RSW System, designed for high performance and minimal NH3 charge
  • Marine freezing systems for purseiners, factory trawlers and long liners.
  • CAS Freezing solutions for the very best fresh frozen products
  • Titanium shell & tube condensers with titanium water heads.
  • Titanium RSW chillers (flooded, spray, Dx or Sx ) All with 1” titanium tubes for low temperature applications.
  • RSW cooler freon/ammonia – KVA developed from Kværner GTS/KVA/KVT
  • Taylor made control systems, specially designed for optimal operation of the MMC systems.
  • Horizontal platefreezer PFH 2M (Continuation and developed from Kværner KBH/KEH/KH1A)
  • Vertical platefreezer PFV 4B (Continuation and developed from Kværner KKV4/KKV4A/4B)
  • Vertical semi automatic PFV 4C. Designed for CO2 and automatic retractable block dividers
  • Vertical semi automatic PFV 4D. Designed for Ammonia or Freon and automatic retractable block dividers
  • New stainless steel vertical manual or semi automatic PFV 4E. Designed for ammonia, freon and CO2 to be delivered with manual or automatic retractable block dividers
  • New MMC ammonia drier, portable plug and play unit.
  • Refrigerant pump KS-E5 early Kværner KHS/KS-E5
  • Compressor units driven by Howden, Mycom, Grasso, Sabroe or Bitzer compressors
  • Provisions/air-condition systems
  • Various blast freezers, IQF Freezers, liquid separators, liquid collectors, oil-separator, etc.


We have, and strive to maintain:

  • An effective and service minded 24 hours service division
  • Qualified supervisors, with full knowledge of our own equipment and wide knowledge in refrigeration who also partake in development and design of new systems
  • Experienced service technicians, who are specially trained on all the equipment we have in the field
  • A very wide range of spare parts and components for both new and old installations in stock at our warehouse,  to ensure that even the most unexpected breakdown will cause minimal downtime for our customers
  • Refrigerant R-22 and NH3 in stock.

We can also offer:

  • Maintenance inspections, regular inspections of your installation where we check the plant and  make recommendations for preventive maintenance
  • Safety ammonia training program together with Ålesund Fire Department.
  • Fixed prices on service and spares

We look forward to accommodate our customers need for quality and good prices both now and in the future.

Through our service phone we are available 24 hours 365 days a year.

Service manager: John Hilmar Vadset
+47 815 70 002 / +47 90 01 77 72

Sales manager: Petter Grytten
+47 815 70 002 / +47 90 74 20 77

Service phone 24H /365D +47 815 70 002

E-mail: -Internet: